Meet Dr. Brad Jacobs

Likes: Silly Putty, family, sushi, soccer, golf, Laughing, physics, Texas, the color orange, all Mexican food, contemplating the space/time continuum, the sound of waves, tickling my kids, pizza, fast cars, my wife’s smile.

Dislikes: Losing my hair, crooked teeth, the word “ointment,” James Taylor music, moochers, bad drivers, duplicity, that little “nub” at the end of a banana, stepping on Matchbox cars, unrealized potential.

Dr. Brad Jacobs grew up in Southlake, Texas, between Dallas and Fort Worth. He went to Baylor University, in Waco, for his undergraduate studies and on to Baylor College of Dentistry in Dallas for his D.D.S. In 2002, he received his master’s degree in dental sciences at the University of Connecticut Health Center and also earned his specialty certificate in orthodontics.

Since moving to Chattanooga, Dr. Jacobs has been involved with the Chattanooga Area Dental Society, Tennessee Dental Association, American Dental Association, Southern Association of Orthodontists, and the American Association of Orthodontists. Dr. Jacobs continues to learn about the latest advances in orthodontics by attending educational meetings, lectures, and seminars around the country to provide the best care possible.

Meet Dr. Kristen Walters Jacobs

Likes: The sound of my kids laughing, order and routine, dancing, Italian food, 75 degrees and sunny, Pure Barre, a day on the lake, playing piano, when Brad laughs so hard that he makes no sound at all, playing Solitaire, basketball, soccer, running.

Dislikes: Thunderstorms, clutter, drama, being cold, sprained ankles, spinny rides, emptying the dishwasher, conflict, onions.

Dr. Walters grew up in a small town in western Pennsylvania. She received her bachelor’s degree from Villanova University and then completed her dental education at The University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Walters earned her master’s degree, along with her specialty certificate in orthodontics, from The University of Connecticut at the same time as her husband, Dr. Brad Jacobs.

Dr. Walters is active in the American Association of Orthodontists, Southeastern Association of Orthodontists, and the American Dental Association. She practices with Dr. Jacobs part-time and spends her time away from work chasing their two boys and baby girl.

She enjoys running, pilates, basketball, and snowboarding and is an avid college football/basketball fan. Dr. Walters has a very gentle manner and has dedicated herself to offering the very highest quality orthodontic care to patients.