Smile More Orthodontics offers the most updated versions of the most traditional staple of orthodontics, braces. While braces have been around for decades, this isn’t your grandparents’ corrective treatment. Braces have been corrected and perfected in recent years, so you benefit from the sleekest and most efficient design there has ever been. There is a reason that braces have remained the backbone of orthodontics, and this is because they deliver beautiful smiles every time in a highly efficient manner. Our office offers a variety of treatment options so that you can choose the best path for your lifestyle.

Traditional Metal Braces

Traditional metal braces are a tried and true treatment that will give you quality results that last a lifetime. Many patients choose this treatment for its proven effectiveness and low maintenance nature. These braces consist of metal brackets that are adhered to each tooth. The brackets are connected by a thin yet durable stainless steel wire. The wire is bound in place to the brackets by elastic ligatures or rubber bands that come in different colors and can be customized to fit patients’ preferences. Metal braces are very efficient and have been optimized throughout their years in service to be more discreet than they were in the past. They are fast-acting, and you will start to notice the results early on in treatment. They are a fan favorite because they are dependable.

While in braces, you will come in about every four to eight weeks for adjustments and tightenings. We know that you have a busy schedule and don’t have time for lengthy appointments, so we work hard to keep appointments under half an hour. We believe in creating a treatment process that works for you, so we can work with you to get you in at a time that is most convenient for you. Braces are an investment of time and money into a better future for your smile, but they don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. We will work with your insurance providers to give you the best opportunity to get the smile you deserve. We also provide flexible financing plans and discounts for payments in full so that we can make treatment accessible for your family.

There is some slight discomfort that accompanies having a metal appliance in your mouth. However, we’ve found that patients take the change in stride and can’t even notice their braces shortly after having them installed. As your teeth shift into place for your dream smile, there may be some pain, but nothing that can be eased by over-the-counter pain medicine or braces wax.

Ceramic & Clear Braces

Ceramic braces are a more discreet corrective treatment that allows patients to enjoy the efficiency of braces with less noticeable brackets. They work similarly to traditional metal braces in the way that they consist of brackets adhered to teeth that are bound by a wire. However, instead of having metal brackets, we use ceramic ones in their place. This allows for a higher level of discretion to any teens or adults who are concerned about the appearance of their smile during treatment. One thing to consider about ceramic braces is that the brackets are less durable than the metal alternative, so if you are really rough on them, they may chip or break. This worry concerns mostly children or younger teens who are in braces.

Treatment length in clear/ceramic braces is also comparable to treatment length in metal braces. It all depends on the extent of the issues that are being corrected. A typical time range is about one to two years, but for a more realistic timeline, we suggest you visit us for your first complimentary appointment. Ceramic braces shouldn’t be painful, but there may be mild discomfort as you get used to appliances and your teeth begin shifting. To dampen any pain you may feel, we suggest any over-the-counter pain medication or braces wax.

We build treatments that are personalized to you, so the price may vary depending on what path you choose and the extent of the issues that are being corrected. We work diligently with your insurance providers to make your adventure to a better smile an easy one, so there is no need to stress. In addition to partnering with your insurance provider, we also have created flexible financing plans and offer discounts for treatments paid in full. We want beautiful smiles to be accessible to all because everyone deserves to Smile More.