At Smile More Orthodontics, we understand that being a teenager is stressful enough without worrying about metal brackets or watching what they eat. Invisalign Teen is an amazing treatment that gives your teen what everyone their age wants – freedom! This is the most discreet treatment available that gives patients flawless results without the need to give up any of their favorite treats or photo opportunities.

How Often Do I Have to Wear My Aligners?

We suggest that you wear your clear aligners for at least 20-22 hours a day for the best results. This allows you enough time to remove your aligners to eat or brush your teeth while still remaining in for most of the day. It’s important that there is consistent pressure on your teeth so that you stay on track to achieve the smile of your dreams without any unwanting shifting.

Is There Anything That I Cannot Eat While Using Invisalign?

No! You can enjoy all of your favorite treats while in Invisalign because you have to take out your aligners to eat regardless of the food. This means that there is no risk of loosening wires or breaking brackets with certain snacks. It is important to put them back as soon as you are done eating so that your teeth a receiving consistent pressure.

How Long Does Invisalign Take?

Treatment length in Invisalign depends on the patient and their corrective needs and how long it will take to fix them. If you have more extensive issues, it may cause you to be in aligners for longer to achieve your desired smile. Invisalign’s timeline is similar to that of traditional metal braces, which means most patients stay in these treatments for one to two years. However, you may begin to see beautiful results in as little as six months. To get a more realistic timeline for your needs, contact our office today for your first complimentary appointment with our knowledgeable doctors and highly specialized team.

How Does Invisalign Teen Work?

At Smile More, we understand that corrective treatment works best when it’s crafted with the patient in mind. Invisalign Teen has been crafted to fit the orthodontic needs of teenagers and deliver beautiful smiles every time. The aligners are printed in a clear thermoplastic that gives them the comfort they need while providing consistent pressure to shift teeth into place. The aligners are virtually invisible to anyone but the wearer, so they can work towards their dream smile without worrying about what their teeth look like during treatment.

For parents who want to make sure their investment is being taken care of, there are compliance indicators located on the back of the aligners. As your teen wears their Invisalign consistently, the little blue marks will fade away. If they are still there after the two-week period, that lets the doctor and the patient know there needs to be a bigger focus on keeping the aligners in for at least 20-22 hours a day.

What Happens If My Teen Loses an Aligner?

Accidents happen, and there is no need to stress if your teen loses their aligners in the lunchroom or at a friend’s house. As soon as you realize the aligner is missing, give us a call so that we can either get them a replacement or decide to wait until the next set of aligners. If your teen goes for a long period of time without their aligners in, their teeth could shift into an undesirable position.

How Much Is Invisalign for Teens?

The cost of Invisalign depends on the patient and their treatment needs. Invisalign is an investment into a higher quality of life and better oral health, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. Our office strives to honor the investment our patients make by investing back into them to keep treatment costs down. In addition to this, we also work with your insurance providers and provide flexible financing plans to help you manage the costs of Invisalign. We believe that everyone deserves to smile more, so we work hard to make orthodontic treatment available to all.

Benefits of Invisalign

Invisalign is a revolutionary corrective treatment that is taking orthodontics by storm. They provide a level of comfort and discretion that is unmatched. The clear aligners give patients the freedom to do all the things they love while working toward a smile they’re proud to wear. These clear aligners give patients the freedom to eat whatever they want whenever they want. They don’t have to worry about damaging their braces with hard or sticky foods, so they can enjoy all their favorite treats. Just remember to put them back in when you’re done!

Invisalign clear aligners are highly durable and made with patient comfort in mind. Traditional metal braces are prone to poking wires or brackets, but there is no need to fear this happening with your clear aligners. Getting the smile you deserve shouldn’t have to hurt, and Invisalign has made it so that you get can a beautiful smile with ease. For our athletes, they can continue setting records and scoring goals without worrying about their clear aligners. Unlike with braces, there is no risk of broken brackets or loose wires. They also don’t have to worry about metal being pushed against their lips if something hits their face. Clear aligners even act as a sort of mouth guard so they can wear them throughout any game or practice. If your teen doesn’t feel comfortable wearing their aligners while playing, they can easily remove them and put them back in when they’ve won the game.