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What can I expect when I become a patient?

Your first visit

So you made the journey to our offices, awesome! Your first visit will consist of a free, personal and individualized consultation so we can best tailor a treatment to suit you. You will get to meet the team, collect a few autographs, learn a bit about your own smile, and receive the exam that lets us start treatment.

Let's Get Started!

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Photos and study models

If our wise doctors recommend treatment, and you heed their advice, we can perform any additional diagnostic requirements right after that first exam. It shouldn’t take longer than 20 minutes and you’ll even get your picture taken!

Getting your braces

And so the adventure begins! During this key visit you will actually get your braces, or other advised appliance, and your smile will be right on it’s way to becoming a whole lot brighter. And as always, any questions you may have would be our pleasure to answer.

Regular appointments

So how long are these appointments afterwards? We understand all you astronauts have some very busy schedules, which is why we like to keep the appointments under half an hour in length. This should happen about every 4 to 8 weeks, and if you’re flying to the moon that evening, let us know and we’ll make sure to have a morning appointment for you!


Possibly the most boring aspect of it all, but certainly an important one! We are providers for several insurance plans so absolutely ask us if any questions come to mind. If for some reason we are not providers for your plan, we are more than happy to submit the claim and deal with all the questions from your insurance company. Yes, we would really do that for you!

Patient Forms

For your convenience, you may download, print and fill out the following forms and bring them to your next appointment:

Child - New Patient Form Adult - New Patient Form

Payment information

Everyone deserves a smile to wear with pride. We believe and understand that wholeheartedly, which is precisely why we offer discounts for payments in full, and also incredibly flexible payment plans for families with a tight budget. We want to help you in the best ways we can!

As with almost everything in life, your costs will depend on what you have done. More complicated procedures sometimes cost more. Though do not fear! If you look in the mirror and think your teeth might be a fortune, it may not be so!

Teeth that appear in significant need of our help are often easier to fix than you think. Some that need the more difficult treatments are those that involve things not always noticed right away. Like certain kinds of bites, etc. Do not let the current appearance of your teeth affect your decision, let us as the professionals tell you what we think. We deal in smiles, so trust that when it comes to your own grin, we know best! Because we do!